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A police officer walks outside of Hillman Library after evacuating students from the building during the hoax shooting incident on April 10, 2023.

Op-Ed | We will not wait for the next school shooting

Students at March for Our Lives UNC wrote an op-ed signed by 144 student leaders, which over 50 student newspapers including 51ӰԺ published on Jan. 24. The op-ed demonstrates the shared concern about gun violence on college campuses across the country.

Op-Ed | Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism

By Samuel Weiner, Channah Weiner, and Alexandra Weiner November 17, 2023
We outright reject the conflation of Jewishness and Israel and the corollary equation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Our freedom and safety as Jews are more tied up in ending oppressive and inhumane systems than it is an ethnostate predicated on the dispossession of the Palestinian people.
Five Years Later: A Squirrel Hill Jew looks back at Tree of Life shooting, and forward to collective liberation

Five Years Later: A Squirrel Hill Jew looks back at Tree of Life shooting, and forward to collective liberation

By Bella Markovitz, Senior Staff Writer October 27, 2023
In the fall of 2018, after graduating high school that spring, I began my first semester at Pitt. I can’t remember if I started considering dropping out before or after the Tree of Life attack happened. 
I Voted stickers at an early voting location Thursday, June 23, 2022, in Oklahoma City.

Op-Ed | Many Pitt students are disenfranchised, upcoming bills can change that

By Joshua Summers, Mechanical Engineering Major September 18, 2023
There are 1.2 million independent voters financing primaries, watching their friends go out to vote and being barred from the democratic process by the state. I’m one of them.
The Cathedral of Learning

Op-Ed | On transphobia, racism and homophobia: An open letter to leadership at the University of Pittsburgh

By Luke Morales, Pitt Alumnus September 14, 2023
On Friday, March 10, I sent an email to various University leadership, including Ann Cudd, Carla Panzella, Patrick Gallagher, Clyde Pickett and the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
A makeshift memorial stands outside the Tree of Life Synagogue in the aftermath of a deadly shooting in Pittsburgh on Oct. 29, 2018.

Op-Ed | Bowers’ verdict continues the endless cycle of violence

By Sydney Mahmood, Psychology Major September 8, 2023
Last month, Robert Bowers was sentenced to death for committing the worst antisemitic attack in US history. As a senior studying psychology and criminal justice at Pitt, I feel burdened with the knowledge that a death sentence is only the beginning.
The Transgender Pride Flag flies on the Foreign Office building in London on Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov. 20, 2017.

Letter to the Editor | Congregation Dor Hadash disappointed that anti-trans speaker will appear at Pitt next week

By Bruce Hershlag, president of Congregation Dor Hadash April 13, 2023
We are horrified that trans individuals are now being targeted in the United States, both through opportunistic, politically pandering legislation and hateful speech.

Letter from the editor | Silhouettes

By Rebecca Johnson, Managing Editor April 6, 2022

Every year since I started working at 51ӰԺ, I find myself anxiously waiting for the Silhouettes magazine’s release and to discover, along with the rest of the Pitt community, the hidden gems...

Letter from the editor | Silhouettes

By Jon Moss, Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2022

David Dinkins, the late former mayor of New York, once said the grand city was a “gorgeous mosaic” of so many different kinds of people coming together and living in one place. I’d like to think...

Letter to the Editor | Et tu 51ӰԺ?

By Tom Davis, Clinical assistant professor of business administration October 1, 2021
In the absence of that kind of objectivity, editorials that take a tone like this are doing no more than pandering to their base — whoever that is — and adding to the decline.
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